Framing System

The most commonly used primary framing systems are shown below.
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Crane Systems

Indigo supply includes column/rafter brackets, crane runway
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Design Engineering

Fabrication and Erection of Pre-engineered Metal Building Systems.
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What is PEB

Pre-engineered buildings are the state-of-the-art solutions in developing efficient and cost-effective infrastructure. PEBs offer ultimate design flexibility and an extremely short construction time (right from initial design to completion). They are supplied as a fully-finished product along with a sturdy steel structure, building accessories and roof cladding.

They require no on-site fabrication or welding - they can simply be bolted together as per specifications. PEBs are best suited for warehouses, sports halls, factories, workshops, distribution centers, cold storages, supermarkets, aircraft hangars and multi-storied constructions.


Wooden Homes

Inspired by nature, prefab Wooden Homes redefines classy living with design masterpieces that are technically advanced, sustainable, environmentally safe and economic. Select from our wide range of wooden homes

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Containers Homes

Sleek, urbane and eco-homes find a new name in shipping container homes from Champion Prefabs. A modern solution to civilized living, container houses are economic, stylish and ideal for business and personal use.

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The modern prefab kiosk is the new way to take your brand closer to customers. From material to size and color, at Champion Prefabs we provide complete customized solutions

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